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Road Accident

Just In: Grisly Road Accident In Bomet

A Bodaboda rider has just escaped a fatal accident in Bomet-Kapwen road at a place well-known as Meja and the police officers have managed to visit the scene to control the traffic situation that had already been paralyzed. An eyewitness revealed that the Bodaboda rider failed to observe the road signs before turning and he was knocked down by the saloon vehicle which was heading to Kericho. The Bodaboda rider has been rushed to Ten-week hospital and he is now recovering well as police officers launch the investigation to determine the cause of the accident. Traffic police officers have also urged the drivers to drive carefully and they should be carrying their driving license because they will be inspecting them.

Pedestrians have revealed it is not the first time for such cases of an accident to happen in that place and they are calling upon the county government to build the pumps so that the drivers will be forced to drive at a slower speed.

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