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How Much Mama Mboga Pays the County Council In Nairobi

One of the aspects that restrains many Kenyans especially those in the capital city Nairobi from starting up a business within the city is high rate of taxes and other legal statutory fees and requirements. For instance, if you want to own a shop in Nairobi, you'll have to pay for business permit which is not less than five thousand shillings then subscribe to all other licenses. These other important licences may include, the fire license which starts from four thousand five hundred shillings and is dependent on the business permit fee which is dependent on size of business/shop. Then there are also the health licenses if you deal with edible products/foodstuffs and some other statutory fees depending on the size and nature of your business. Photo Courtesy

However, if you are to start a small grocery business, popularly known as Mama Mboga, you won't be charged or be mandated to subscribe to monthly or annual licenses. The Nairobi County Government do not charge any or levy any statutory fees on Mama Mboga as long as they adhere to one major rule and other miner related requirements by the laws of county government.

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The major rule is about dumping. This implies that any mama Mboga or Baba Mboga who adheres to dumping guidelines and requirements (related by-laws) by the county government of Nairobi is eligible for free business without paying a single cent to the county government. This also implies that Mama Mboga will only focus on having a well organized dumping procedure or paying cabbage collectors so as to remain in good terms with the government. The zero tax is a waiver made national and county governments putting into consideration the low income of these group of traders.

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These are the kind of information we should be sharing with Mama Mbogas who have ignorantly been victims of harassment from county officials. Please if you know one make sure you share with them when you visit their stalls. This information is from the Kenya Gazette Supplement, Nairobi County Acts, 2018, you can check it out to get more information on licensing and other fees by the county government.

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