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JUST IN:NPS Responds to Viral Video of a Young Girl Seen Smoking Suspected Bhang as Adults Record

Following a viral video that was depicting a young girl smoking what was suspected by many people as bhang, the National Police Service has reacted to the video. They have revealed that the gross language used in the video depicts that the girl was smoking bhang which was highly motivated by the ongoing politics of legalizing bhang.

The video was filmed by an adult or adults since you can hear the background voice asking the child who is the fifth president of Kenya and the young girl would reply that it is Wajackoyah. The adults start laughing as the girl continue smoking the suspected substance and at one point she coughs as the smoke chokes her.

National Police Service had not only categorized the event as wrong but also immoral and infringing the rights of the minor by adults. The incident is punishable by law and those who are spreading the video are abetting violation of the law and rights of the minor and should stop with immediate effect.

The National Police Service has now asked Kenyans not to openly engage in acts that are defiant of the law. Additionally, violation of the rights of minors is a criminal offence and a team from NPS has been dispatched in efforts to bring the suspects to book.

Content created and supplied by: KenyanOutsider (via Opera News )

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