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A Form 3 student arrested for beating and injuring 3 teachers at Kambiti High

The student who is said to be retaking the Form Three year after flunking the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (KCSE), was caught using a phone by the teacher of duty and hid it.

The teacher tried to search the student but he turned violent forcing the other 2 teachers to come to the rescue. They were able to able to restrain him but not before he broke the windows of the classroom. He was then taken to the deputy teacher's office until the police arrived.

Upon interrogations, the 18-years-old student confessed that he was under the influence of bhang. He also had bands tied on his hands which were to increase the muscles.

The police boss confirmed that James Njeru is being held at Kirinyaga police station. He will be charged with asaulting teachers and causing riot in the school. He also damaged school properties worth 3000.

The student untying the band.

This happened after cases of violent students are on the rise.

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James Njeru Kambiti


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