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RIP: Pain as 10 Year Old Girl Dies of Kidney Complications Years After Being Abused

The mother of a 10 year old girl from Bomet county is crying out for justice following her sudden death suspected to have been caused by complications arising from abuse by a relative.

The girl was taken advantage of by the rogue relative for several times four years ago. Her system was destroyed and she had to undergo a series of corrective surgeries. 

The suspect was arrested and charged but released in 2019 under unclear circumstances. 

The girl's teacher in Bomet was the first to realize that she was brutally injured. She would pass stool and urine unknowingly. 

The teacher would punish the little girl thinking that her behaviour was out of arrogance. After some time, she realized that it was a serious issue.

They took the girl to Longisa hospital but were reffered to the Children's office.

The girl confessed that her uncle had taken advantage of her 3 times after school. After the third time, the girl was always crying and complaining of abdominal pains.

2 months ago, she fell ill and was admitted to Kenyatta National hospital. She had kidney complications attributed to the sad incident. Last week on Tuesday, she died.

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