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Road Accident

Ever Seen The Yellow Lines/Stripes Running Across Major Roads? Here Is Their Main Purpose

There are different lines which you can observe on major roads and highways. Some are white in colour which runs parallel to each other on either side of the road. Others are yellow in colour which runs in the middle of the tarmac roads while others just run across the road.[Photo Courtesy]

The usual white and yellow lines are used to guide the driver to keep his lane for safer drive. The yellow lines running across the main roads have more purpose when it comes to accident prevention in major roads.[Photo Courtesy]

Their first function is to show that there is a roundabout that is not too far. The lanes are calibrated in special ways that experienced driver will just understand that there is a roundabout some meter(s) or kilometer(s) to come.

Another function is to give driver a warning that their is a road diversion hence helps you to maintain the correct lane and also keep the correct speration lane.

Lastly, the lines are special in a way that the driver might feel when the car passes on it. They are made that way to inform the driver to control his or her speed. The separation distance is what the driver will know if they have reduced the speed or not. If the separation rate remain constant throughout, that means that you need to recheck your speed. That is why they are normally seen where there is a blind-spot for more accidents.

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