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People In History Known To Have Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is obtained from leaves of two coca species native to South America. The drug can be snorted, heated until it sublimes and then inhaled or disolved and injected into vein. It is highly addictive drug ever known. However, many geniuses had addiction cocaine due to their own reasons.

1. Sigmund Freud.

Father of modern psychoanalysis Freud used to take cocaine to quell his physical aches and mental anxieties. Freud loved how cocaine made him talk endlessly about memories and experiences he previously thought were locked in his brain for no one to hear, let alone judge. He took it for 12 consecutive years.

2. Thomas Edison.

Thomas Alva Edison was an American Inventor and businessman who has developed many devices such as electric power generator. He used to sleep a little (4 hours) and this was only possible because of something to do with his love of Vin mariani, which was essentially wine with cocaine in it.

3. Dr. William Stewart.

Dr. William Stewart Halsted invented mastectomy, a life saving surgical procedure for stopping the spread of breast cancer. Along using cocaine as an anesthetic on patients, Dr. Stewart used cocaine on himself too.

Thier are other public figures believed to be using cocaine or LCD even apparently.

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