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Zora: Alma is Alive, She called Madam Zalena.

Today's episode starts in Boaz House sitting with Talia. Suddenly two men came and Talia was told to excuse them. Boaz was given a photo bearing a certain man. The two men said that the man in the photo is leaves in the ghetto and she pretends to be a shopkeeper but he is very dangerous.

The man that was in the photo found himself in a certain room where Alma was. He woke up and Alma came near him with the dog that barked at him. The man was so scared. Alma picked her phone and called madam Zalena. She then gave this guy to talk with her. This man told Zalena that he is with Alma and Madam Zalena was shocked. Alma then told Zalena on the phone "madam Zalena please help me I don't want to die. Please help me". Madam Zalena didn't know what to do. Alma hangs up the phone.

In Chibale's house, Yola is asking Kwame which other woman he is with because she is from the lawyer and the lawyer said that Kwame shared his wealth with another woman. Kwame said he shared his wealth with Filla and Lila. Madiba asks why and he said he is impotent and he cannot give birth. He will not have any child to share his will with him.

If Alma is alive what does it mean. Did she die or did she resurrect or what we are seeing is her spirit? Give your thought.

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