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If You Are Using These Ingredients In Your Food Preparation, You Are Slowly Killing Your Health.

The food we eat gives us energy to survive and live as well, and also it's the same food that causes high number of deaths in our current world. Some of the food are highly poisonous when taken in large quantity or due to ingredients that are hazardous had been used in preparation. Some ingredients we use daily in preparation of food are very harmful to the health and should be avoided .

You need to watch what and which ingredients should be used in food preparation. Some of the harmful ingredients that are commonly used include ;

1. Potash 

This is the ingredient that most of our African mothers will never miss in their food. It's mostly used in cooking beans because it makes the cooking process fast. This helps in reduction of energy consumption through cooking. Potash is very harmful when ingested into the body. It can cause serious damage to the gastrointestinal system, causing things like gastric ulcers and peptic ulcer diseases

2. Alum

It's reassemble potash. It's added to food to fasten the cooking process. It's not a good product since it contains high salt value. Too much consumption of salt can lead to liver damage, increase in blood pressure due increased fluid retention in the system. 

3. Paracetamol 

This is widely known as " panadol " ,it has ability to make cooking process more fast. It's not good for the body since upon consumption it goes directly into the kidney for excretion, too much of it at the kidneys might result to renal toxicity leading to renal failure later. 

4. Seasoning 

Most of the seasoning products are very harmful to health. It's used by most people for better taste not knowing its dangerous. It has ability to cause heart and kidney diseases since it high concentration of sodium.

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