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Ever been to the new Luthuli Avenue? Check out the advantages it has to the city of Nairobi

This article below tries to explain look at the recent changes to Luthuli Avenue. The Luthuli avenue central business district (CBD) in Nairobi has been receiving a major facelift that is set to transform the area. The new Luthuli avenue look is a great step forward and could be a great place for the public to spend their time.

Luthuli Avenue is a street that runs from River road and connects to city hall Way via Ambassador. The recent facelift and transformation of Luthuli Avenue have made pedestrians and business people along the street breathe easy. There are street benches where passers-by can now relax and pedestrians can now walk comfortably along the street which is now one-way. For those who want to access the avenue, they can now use the Kenya national archives as a landmark since it’s a well-known building. Below we are going to focus on some of the advantages that have come from the new Luthuli Avenue look.

Since the change of pace on Luthuli Avenue hawkers and peddlers have increased along the street. These hawkers sell goods to pedestrians at cheaper prices despite the city authorities that constantly interfere with hawkers activities.

Luthuli Avenue harbors major bars, restaurants, and lodges. These businesses offer many kinds of products with quality guaranteed, and the bars and restaurants are well designed and strategically located along the avenue. The products offered by these businesses include food beverages accommodation and other major services that people require in their day-to-day activities.

Due to the conversion of the Avenue into one way, it has created visibility for businesses and also has eased congestion hence attracting more customers to come and buy their products. As compared to the old look, the New Luthuli avenue look has seen businesses rise as in the past customers kept off the Avenue as a result of noise and congestion along the Avenue.

The installation of cycling lanes along the avenue has improved urban mobility within the city minimizing motorized forms of mobility and reducing vehicle emissions, noise pollution, and congestion thus enhancing the good quality of air.

The new look has seen the installation of road signs were necessary to help in reducing accidents, and and and traffic jams, and making transportation along the street efficient. The road signs represent rules that are in place to keep pedestrians safe and also the drivers can maintain order on the road.

The plantation of trees and flowers along the street has improved the aesthetic value of the Avenue. This process has completely changed the landscape of the Avenue pushing for cleaner air. The plantations have also provided a greener environment that has made the street more beautiful.

The Luthuli Avenue new look has notably beautified Nairobi City’s Central Business District and positively impacted the lives of many people. The business people, their customers, and pedestrians’ health, as well as safety, is well taken care of. All thanks to the Nairobi county government and its stakeholders, for the job well done. The once congested, smoky, and noisy avenue in the city has some sanity now for both the dwellers and visitors.

Content created and supplied by: Dr.kamaa2001 (via Opera News )

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