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"I Wanted an Abortion But My Mother Was Scared" Lady Who Was Defiled, Impregnated at Young Age Says

12-year-old Jacky was watching television in November 2020 at her friends home when the worst happened to her. Her friend had gone to the market to do shopping when man entered the house and whispered some bad words into her ears. He went ahead to sit near her and started to touch her.

At that time, her friend had not yet returned and the man starting to caress her body which was still tender at the age of 12 years. The man went ahead to rape her something that pained her alot.

Jackie gathered herself and ran to report to her mother who took her to police station. The police told them that it would be hard to collect evidence from that place since it was not her home and their was no witness. They went to the hospital where she was given medicine to protect her from HIV infection.

She became pregnant and whereby she was able to give birth through Caesarean section. She say that she wanted an abortion but her mother was scared she might die. Her briest had just started to develop and it was difficult to breastfeed. At some point they developed blisters and she had to feed her child with one breast.

Months later, they heard people shouting outside her house saying that a thief has been killed by a mob. When she arrived at the scene, the body of her rapist and the father of her child stared back at him. She ran back to her mother to tell her the story. When they went to the police station, they were told that the man had been accused by several people and since he was dead, he had no case to answer.


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