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Cold blood murder of security guard in Awendo Town.

At the dawn of September 21 this year, Awendo Town residents woke up to mourning after one of the security guard Manning one of the Safaricom premises in Susana plaza building was found murdered in cold blood.

Unfortunately, nobody could realize that the guard who was comfortably enveloped in his usual cold wears and placed in a posture to suggest that he was still enjoying morning sleep,was long dead. The assailants were so smart that they even wore his green face mask for him.

From the look of everything, the assailants must have used a blunt object to kill the culprit,for it was not easy to notice the physical injuries.

The guard who was a young man, was between 25 to 30 in age and most residents of the Town did not know him as he had recently been to the place.

Residents in Awendo Town are now living in great fear as this kind of incident instill awe to them and the guards who do not know what the next day holds.

The public requested the authority to instill vigilance and arrest the assailants.

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