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The Reason Behind The Rising Cases Of Domestic Violence In Kenya

Good morning.

In the past few weeks, the Kenyan headline news have been dominated by cases of people committing violence on their loved ones. In the world scenario, the violence have even been leading to death.

One of the most recent cases including the one that happened yesterday, October 2 , in Baringo where a man Killed his own wife by slitting her throat after they quarreld over a loan that they reportedly borrowed from a lender from at Mulot trading centre.

(Villagers gathered at Baringo county)

According to the chief of the area Robert Kataam, the suspect later took poison in an attempt to take his own life but he was caught by the villagers who broke into the house and found him writhing in pain.

Though, many people have been left to wonder as to what causes all these brutal actions of violence that people are committing on their own loved ones.

According to some health experts, depression plays a big role in these cases of domestic violence. Without the right guidance at the right time, most people tend to act out of frustration without any logic and unfortunately, most of the time they end up releasing their anger and frustrations on the people who don't deserve it.

Calls have been made for people to open up their minds and seek guidance whenever they feel depressed.

(A woman seeking guidance at Baringo county)

Life is always full of ups and downs, especially during this pandemic, where alot of people have been going on through alot stress after loosing their jobs and encountering huge losses on their businesses. It is very critical to seek guidance at these hard times since doing that will help us find someone encouragement and able us to find solutions to our problems.

We should do our best to avoid using intoxicants when going through stress, since that could lead someone to make bad decisions and end up making things to be more worse.

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