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Not just Nairobi, But Three More Cities Around The World Use "Nganyas" As Public Transportation

Nairobi's matatu system differs from that of the rest of the country. Matatus and buses for public transportation, popularly known as "Nganya," have undergone significant changes. The Matatus are noisy, and they use inventive graffiti and transformations to get their message across. Most city dwellers use them as a mode of transportation since they are convenient.

Nairobi isn't the only city where Matatus are used for public transportation. This is also used in other cities throughout the world.

1. Port Au Prince,Haiti.

Haiti is located in North America, and its capital, Port Au Prince, relies on Matatus for public transportation. They are known as "tap tap" in this area.

2. Dili,East Timor

This city, which is located in Asia, likewise uses these kind of buses and Matatus. Microlets are the name given to them in this country.

3. Bangkok, Thailand.

This is a country in Asia. These loud Matatus are the norm in Bangkok, Thailand's capital city.

All of these buses have one thing in common: they're loud and have a lot of graffiti on them.

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