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Unexplainable Coincidence That Has Suprised Many

Throughout history, there has been coincidences that people struggle to believe if they are just coincidences. Here are some of the coincidences you will not believe happened.

1. Enzo Ferrari to Mesut Ozil

Many Buddhist believe that when someone dies, their spirit or soul is reborn. While there is never a way to prove it can sometimes be a case of looking out for the signs. Today many people think that Enzo Ferrari was reincarnated as Mesut Ozil. Enzo was born in 1898 and died in 1988. Mesut was born in 1988, two months after the death of Enzo. They resemble each other.

2. Ship tragedy survivors commonality

In 2012, a video surfaced the internet when someone took time to review all the ship accidents. Has he discovered was truly astounding. Out if the several ship accidents the survivors was called hue Williams.

3. Mark Twain predicted his death

We all predict that we will die but impossible to predict the exact day and time of our death. American author Mark twin predicted the exact way in which he will die or at least the circustances surroundng his death. In April 21st 1910 he died of heart attack

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