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"He Was Struck By Lightning 3 Times In His Life" Meet The World's Unluckiest Person In History

A man by the name Walter Summerford is the world's unluckiest person in history as he was struck by lightning three times. History have it that after Walter death his gravestone was also later struck by Lightning.

Walter Summerford was a British soldier and has soldiers they are always busy and active in different sociatal activities. But the situation of Walter was worse as he was struck by lightning three time in his life after which he died. Six years later after his death he was his grave was again struck.

He was struck by lightning in 1918. Six years later 1924, he was again struck by lightning. Another 6 years later, in 1930, he was also struck by lightning in a sunny day.Unluckily in 1932 he died. Four years later his tombstone was also struck by lightning.

Remember chances of being struck by lightning, is a 1 in 13,000 chances, based on the National Storms Laboratory in the US.

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British Walter Walter Summerford


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