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Road Accident

"Uchawi?" Fear After Residents Bumped Into A Coffin Carrying Banana Stem And A Cross In Kiwawa

The residents of Kiwawa village were in fear, panic, and disbelief after they found a coffin carrying a banana stem and across one of the paths.

According to reports from a reliable source, the first people to witness the scary scene alerted other villagers who arrived swiftly at the scene. The villagers were shocked after they opened the coffin only to see a banana stem and across. The cross had written numbers from 1 to 100.

The area chief was also at the scene and she decided to alert the police about this incident.

The police arrived minutes after finding it difficult to access the place with their car. They confirmed the incident and allowed the residents to burn the coffin and its contents.

It is not yet known, how the coffin reached Kiwawa village and who placed it there. Investigations are ongoing to find out the truth. However, many people have termed it witchcraft.

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