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See Underground World Where Billionaires Will Live In Case Calamity Strikes the world

They always say that money can buy everything except life, but according to this article, you will agree with me that to certain extent, it can. During cold war, USSR and Czechoslovakia developed bunkers based in Czechoslovakia once used as a command centres and storage facilities. The place(Oppidum) is currently developed and is world's largest underground safe house updated with helipad and defense system. The Oppidum shelter is built above and below ground so that the residents can descend and seal it in a blast door in less than a minute and once threat passes they can resume live above the ground. The Oppidum is a massive 323,000 square foot property with spectacular estate.

The underground compound is protected by multiple security systems from high walls and detection sensors to automated defence technology. Besides the place has a strong communication with outside world. In case of calamities such as wars, diseases, terrorism, Zombies attack, the place can hold residents for 10 years living in high end lifestyle despite missing natural sunlight.

Unfortunately, this place can only accommodate world billionaires as it charges millions of dollars per apartment something that most of us cannot afford. Below is the amazing picture of Oppidum.

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