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Pokot elders read animal intestines before bandits go to war, check how this helps the bandits

Colonel (Rtd) Moses Kwonyike attributes the armed criminals' bravado to elders who conduct ritual ceremonies in which organized bandits are intentionally charged and adjured by traditional leaders.Because of the roles they play in the community, the elders, who include seers and magicians, are highly respected and held in high regard in the Pokot community.Their roles are distinct, with seers and magicians, known as werkoi and kapolok, performing different tasks.According to the retired soldier, the elders are thought to be able to predict what will happen by studying animal intestines, and they can allegedly predict what the bandits will encounter when they go out on a raid.

With no relief in sight for residents of troubled regions, North Rift MPs are now calling for the military to fully take charge of the security operation to root out bandits in the region's troubled and dangerous areas, claiming that the current arrangement is ineffective.


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