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"Tusaidie Tafadhali," Wives Of Policemen Seek Inspector General's Influence For Their Association

Policemen risk their lives to maintain Law and Order. One would think that for their honourable service they get remunerated handsomely. But this is not the case. The plight of police officers has been highlighted in the media before. Pictures of them living in deplorable conditions without dignity shocked the nation. Some had to share one house between two families by putting a curtain to divide the house into two.

It seems that the lifestyle of policemen has not improved. This is because a letter has been circulating on social media addressed to the inspector general National Police service, Hillary Mutyambai. The letter was written by a representative and founder of the National Police Wives Association. In the letter, the 6-year-old association identified the main reason why it was formed and the challenges facing it. Lack of spousal support, logistics(transport) and lack of office space are listed as the problems they are facing. The Association also requests the inspector general to be its patron.

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