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Trending Today: Story Of A Missing Police Officer Who Was Fired Resurfaces After 9-Month Coma

Constable Rueben Kimutai disappeared in December 2020 after he was to continue on leave. His family never saw him and in January 2021 he didn't report back to work. 

After he neglected to appear at work a warrant of capture was given against him at the Makadara Law Courts. 

Kimutai was posted at Jogoo Road Police Station and approved to the Judiciary as an assistant at the Makadara Law Courts. 

Cops mounted a quest for himself and surprisingly connected with his family, yet they couldn't find him and on January 19 a conventional report, blaming him for having abandoned work was documented. 

Constable Kimutai was currently a needed man and was even charged in absentia. A warrant of capture against him was given, as well. 

The courts requested police to discover Constable Kimutai and present him on March 22, yet their pursuit didn't yield a lot. They were given one more date by a justice. 

The National Police Service started the method involved with getting Kimutai's name off its finance since nobody could find him. 

However, what the police administration and Kimutai's family didn't know was that the official had been conceded at the KNH after he was engaged with a quick in and out mishap on December 20, 2020. He was enlisted as Augustine Neto and taken into the emergency unit). 

Towards the finish of August, Kimutai started recapturing cognizance and told specialists his name and furthermore informed them that he was a cop. He likewise educated KNH staff that he had a niece who lived in Makadara and a pursuit started. 

KNH composed a letter to the police administration and furthermore duplicated Makadara Law Courts, where the body of evidence against the official was removed and the interaction to reestablish him on the finance was begun. 

"At the point when he had recaptured some degree of cognizance, contact following through the National Bureau of Registration distinguished him as Rueben Kimutai Lel of ID number 6846690. The name demonstrated on affirmation was, along these lines, changed in his emergency clinic records." 

"He has recuperated from the break yet has not completely recuperated his memory. The case is alluded 'To the responsible party in question' to assist the patient with getting released from the clinic," the letter by KNH read.

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