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"No one Want to Associate with me including Family Members." Mother says after Burying 6 Children

People have different challenges in this world. Sometimes you may think that you are the only one suffering but when you come across other people's problems, you come to console yourself that yours is atleast.

The degree of problems that we experience in our lives vary from one person to another. They also depend on the type of the problem a person is experiencing. Some have difficulties in providing food on their tables whereas others have health problems.

Solving these problems depend on the financial status of an individual. Because of this reason, the affected individuals who have low income have been left suffering. They have nowhere to run for help. Sometimes some of them lose hopes in life and see death as the only option left.

In a post seen on Facebook page, Ann Njeri has been meeting a lot of challanges in her life and she is now calling out for your help.

According to Ann, she has been experiencing many challenges which include the following:

1. She buried her six children who died mysteriously.

2. She is currently suffering a skin disease condition.

3. She has been facing rejections from everybody including her own children and family members because of this dangerous skin disease.

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Ann Njeri


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