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Netizens React After This Photo of GSU Officer Eating On A Shovel Went Viral


Police officers are known to be very hardworking in this country they are especially the GSU officers who are always on duty to ensure peace and order is maintained within a stipulated area that they are assigned to work. In as much as the society has categorised them as people who are not friendly, they are human beings like any other person, they are your sisters, brothers, cousins, parents and even friends. They also relate like we normal people do. And so they should be treated like people, they become our enemy the moment we are found on the the other side of the law.

Today according to Pulse live kenya page a photo of a GSU officer surfaced online as he was confortably eating on a shovel. He was captured on a camera taking rice with beans the reasons as to why he was eating on a shovel are not yet disclosed will keep you posted on the same. Police officers are highly respected since they ensure that as a country we are all safe and are expected to eat good food in a good place. It's ironical that they really do suffer in silence and what we see and perceive about them is not the case. This matter would be solved when looked into inorder to ensure our officers are living a comfortable life to provide good service to the citizens.


This act has elicited mixed reactions online as to why he just had to eat on a shovel while there are plates costing ten shillings. Some have said that the officer's really suffer in silence while some said that why is security body of Kenya well trained roughly and toughly and yet exploited interms of payment that was an opinion. Below are more of the reactions from facebook.


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