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Road Accident

Five Things You Should Never Do While Driving To Avoid Causing Accidents

Driving is usually the control operation way of moving a vehicle including motorcycles, trucks, Nissans, lorry, cars among other locomotive vehicles. Vehicle usually causes the movement of people and things from one place to another. Over the decades, transportation movement have been advancing from the traditional ways of moving things to the now digital mode of transportation.

The speed of vehicles is usually moderated by use of speed governors in order to ensure vehicles are not moving at higher speeds. This usually helps in reducing the number of accidents happening in our Kenyans roads. There are various things which as drivers or Just a Passenger In the drivers front seat you stop doing in order to reduce frequency of accidents and they include the following.

1.Never use your phone while driving your vehicle since it's very dangerous in resulting to accidents.

2.As a passenger in the driver's front seat, never play loud music to avoid disrupting the one driving.

3.You should never sit in the driver's front seat if you're a lady and wearing a short skirt, this could affect the drivers conscious which may lead to accidents.

4.As the driver you not play loud music which may affect your passengers and the way you're driving to curb accidents.

5.Never start arguments with the driver while the driver is going to motion.

The above mentioned things will help in reducing the number of accidents happening in the Country since it will the drivers to concentrate on the road and drive carefully without recklessness.

Content created and supplied by: @alferdefrank (via Opera News )

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