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Tricks That Thieves Will Use To Steal From You Unknowingly In Major Towns

Theft in major towns like Nairobi has increased due to lack of employment to some youths. The youths have decided to indulge in stealing in order to survive the harsh economic crisis. However, we don't support the idea of stealing since there are many small business that people can do to survive in Kenya.

The thieves have devised their own ways of stealing from Kenyans which is very common. For example, I was walking in one of the streets of Nairobi then a well dressed gentle man came near me and started giving me stories of how Nairobi is a cool place to live. I just remained silent and then he picked something from the ground which looks like money.

At first I thought it was money because it was stuffed in a small bag and he requested me to follow him so that we can share the money between the two of us. I was reluctant at first because it is not normal in Kenya for someone to pick huge amount of money from the street and then wants to give you a share. On seeing this, I just knew that he is a thief and I hurried up away from him.

Another way thieves are stealing from people is when you are on top of a motorcycle or inside a car with open windows. They will snatch your money, bag or even a phone in broad daylight. Others will come like they are trying to squeeze past you and then they will empty your pocket without your knowledge.[Photo Courtesy]

Some thieves have also decided that they will start motorcycle business and that is how they lure their victims into their traps. They will beg you to abode their motorcycle but once you are far away from people's eyesight,they will rob you.

Another group of people who stills from Kenyans are people who play a game with three cards. They rotate the three cards and tell you to select one with the symbol of a horse. You will find out that you loose at the end and they get the profit

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