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"My Increase in Weight While in Saudi Arabia, Made My Boss Lock The Fridge. I Took Strong Tea," Lady Narrates

Financial constraints made Eveline Kerubo travel to the Gulf countries in search of greener pastures. The mother of two narrated her story on Egeikaro TV.

Kerubo was born in Kisii county where her parents were peasants and farmers. Fortunately, they worked hard to support her education and after high school, she got married. Being young Kerubo was unable to sustain her marriage. Months after she gave birth her husband started neglecting her with the child. Hards in her marriage made her go back to her parents.

Kerubo left her six-month baby to her mother and relocated to Nairobi in search of a job. One of her friends in Nairobi advised her to try her luck in the Gulf countries. Kerubo decided to try her luck in Saudi Arabia. Kenyan agent required Sh. 50000 for different payments. Kerubo paid the money and one month later she left for Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia, she was employed by a big family where they were three housemaids. Work was minimal in the house and so they had a lot of free time. She fed well whereby within one month she had increased in weight. Kerubo stated that while in Kenya she was small and very thick compared to Saudi Arabia

When her boss noticed how she had increased in weight, she stopped giving her food and even closed the fridge. Many times her boss ordered from restaurants where she could only serve her family. To survive Kerubo, drank strong tea every day.

After one month Kerubo bought a phone where she often talked with her relatives in Kenya. WIFI was available and she was online all the time. When her boss realized that she had a phone she switched off the WIFI. Life became hard for her and she decided to come back to Kenya one year later.

Kerubo always sent money to her mother to take care of her child. When in Saudi Arabia, her mother always told her how she had widely invested her money. "She told me she had around sh400000 in her business. " She said. Upon coming to Kenya Kerubo asked her mother for some money so that she could pay the agent and travel again to Iraq.

"Mama yangu alikasirika na kuniambia nitiishe mwenye nilikuwa natumia pesa," Kerubo said. Upon asking her father he also denied having money. Kerubo stated that her mother threw her clothes outside and told her to leave with her child.

Kerubo left her child and decided to return to her husband's place even though they had separated. She stayed there for one week and later got an opportunity to travel to Iraq. À had a direct connection with her boss so he took care of her necessities and traveling documents. She traveled to Iraq where she worked for a good family.

Months later Kerubo got sick and her boss took her to the hospital for a checkup. Unfortunately, after the checkup, Kerubo was eight months pregnant. Kerubo convinced her boss to let her come back to Kenya and deliver and later return to continue with her job.

Her boss agreed where she bought the necessities for her unborn child. Her boss also paid for her air ticket so she could return after three months and gave her money for expenses while in Kenya. Months later her boss insisted to see her child and because Kerubo had not given birth she sent a picture of her neighbor's child. Upon seeing the child her boss sent her some money for her child's expenses.

Unfortunately, Kerubo never returned to work there again. Even though they kept on calling her she gave them fake promises. All this time, Kerubo lived with her parents and after the little money she had finished, her parents started mistreating her. She decided to live her children to her mother and returned to Nairobi in search of greener pastures.

Kerubo intends to go back to any Gulf country for the sake of her children. She also urges people to be careful with online lovers.

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