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New Details Emerge About the Man on a Viral Video Who Was Captured Crashing GK Vehicle

In the country, there are many people who are going through different challenges. Some of them are suffering mental health issues. This challenges have made some of people to do things that are not good.

According to the source, new details have just emerged about the man who was early today captured in a viral video crashing GK vehicle. As per the latest report share by a well known source, it has been revealed that, the said man who is also a renowned Advocate was arrested by police officers after crushing the vehicle. He was found later taken to hospital for medical check up after being found psychologically unwell. This has been revealed by National Police service. I quote some statement from the source, " the motorist was arrested and found to be psychologically unwell and taken to hospital by police for further treatment, " some statement from the source read.

This just come in after the said man was captured crashing GK vehicle intentionally in kisumu.

Follow this link below and watch the full video in case you missed it;


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