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Maria 25th January 2021 written episode, part 1

Kobi will be talking to herself,she will be claiming that she wishes Fally was alive and tell her how he loved her,she will claim it's okay,he is not around,let him greet Tobi,John,the guy who killed Bondi will tell Kobi that he is feeling for her but he can't be of help because no one knows who killed Fally,it seems they are killing each other amongst themselves,Kobi will ask him how,Jonh will tell her that the target was not Fally but it was Maria.

Vanessa will tell Vicky that William was the mastermind behind Fally's death,she will tell her that his target was Maria but not Fally,she will ask Vicky what will they do when Maria knows William was the one who wanted to kill her,at the same time he killed her father,Vicky will claim she doesn't really know.

Victor will call her mother, Vicky won't pick up the call,Vanessa will take and put on the loudspeaker,Victor will claim that he got his mother's voice note and he is grateful because he knows she loves him and he loves him too,Vanessa will hang up the phone,Vanessa will be much furious one,her mother will claim she can explain,Vanessa will tell her not to get close to her,suddenly, Luwi will come in and ask what's going on,Vanessa will tell Luwi that Vicky has been talking to Victor because Victor claimed he got a warning from Vicky,Luwi will claim it's unbelievable.

Vicky will say she is concerned for his safety,Luwi will ask whom is she expecting to believe her,Vanessa will ask Vicky how can she be talking to someone who chased them away,Vicky will claim no matter what,Victor is still her flesh and blood.

Maria will meet Father, Maria will tell him that she knows who killed Fally & he didn't want to kill her but he had targeted Maria,Father will start talking to himself,claiming whether he should tell her the truth or not,he will ask God to help him,she will tell Maria that the one who killed Fally was William.

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