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Uproar On Social Media After Bodaboda Operator Died Out KPLC Negligence

Kenyans on social media platforms have taken their anger on social media following a case where a Boda Boda operator died after being electrocuted by an underground cable. The Boda Boda operator went to a nearby stream to wash his motor cycle as most of the motor cycle owners do.

The stream where the guy went to wash his motor bike is somewhere along Kanduyi-Malaba road. Unknowingly, the guy started scooping water from the stream where a naked live electric cable was lying under the water. The guy was electrocuted resulting to his untimely demise leaving his motor cycle just next to him where he was washing it.

Kenyans online have blamed the Kenya Power Company for their negligence of not conducting timely maintainance on their electric cables which are widespread across the country. They have called upon the power supplier which enjoys monopoly in that sector to compensate the family of the dead young man.

Here are some of the reactions the incident has ignited among Kenyans on Twitter;

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