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How safe are you in the office or at home??

After seeing the increasing number of people being attacked at home by relatives close friends and or terrorists it's only fair that I share with you the most important safety precautions one should take in order to contain insecurity.

I have worked for several years within the security sector manning various assignments and controlling different security personnel .I have experience in security that will help lots of people get their safety to where it needs to be.

The most basic parts of any secure home or premises is the following:-

1. Proximity to the nearest police station.

2.Secure perimeter wall that can block unwanted forces from accessing the property.

3. Presence of a well trained security service with guard dogs patrolling and manning the perimeter.

4. Installation of CCTV cameras at blind spots to cover footage while you are away or within the area

5. Installation of a proper alarm system that is used as a call of distress signal informing the police that you are in danger.

6. Security begins with you and me making it important to always close your doors whether outside or inside the house or premises .

This six points will go along way in helping the reader to understand what he/she needs to do to mark themselves safe from terror and danger.

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