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'Nimechoka' -Female Cop Who Has Been Feeding Orphans Cries Bitterly After Her Bosses Did This To Her

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Another Female Cop has taken to the media to seek help as she tries to quit the police service. The lady who was in tears has blamed her Bosses at work for going against her will. According to a source aware of the story, the policewoman has undertaken the personal initiative to take care of the street children who are homeless and orphans. 

The lady reportedly organizes meal sessions for the children but apparently the act has not settled well with her Boses who reportedly arranged for her Transfer from the station in order for her to stop taking care of the children. 

The lady reportedly refused the transfer and instead opted to resign so she can continue to take care of the children. Her bosses again blocked her exit from the service. 

The lady has reminded the police that they should not forget that there is a God watching from above. Here is the video

Meanwhile, share with us your thoughts on the matter kindly. 

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