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Meet the World's Luckiest Man Who Cheated Death Seven Times and Won the Lottery.

Frane Selak, had his initially brush with death in 1962. He was going on a train from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik when it got crashed. It dove into a freezing cold waterway. Seventeen travelers suffocated. Selak wasn't one of them. He advanced toward the riverbank with a wrecked arm. 

After a year, he barely got away from death again when his plane slammed. Nineteen different travelers kicked the bucket, however Selak endured. He was tossed away from the accident when the plane's entryway opened.

In 1966, he was again in human peril when a transport he was on slid into a stream. Four individuals suffocated, yet Selak made due with minor cuts. 

In 1970, Selak's vehicle burst into flames on the motorway. With seconds to save he left the vehicle before the petroleum tank exploded.

Following 3 years his fifth mishap, a flawed fuel siphon put a match to his vehicle and he lost the greater part of his hair. 

In 1995 that is 2 years after the fact, he had another near disaster. A transport in Zagreb ran him over however he left moderately solid.

The next year, when driving in the mountains he turned a corner to see a truck coming towards him. He turned to maintain a strategic distance from it. Selak jumped away from the vehicle finally as it went plunging down the 300-foot drop. He looked as it hit the base and detonated into a chunk of blazes. 

Subsequent to enduring seven catastrophes, He bought his first since forever lottery ticket when he was 76 years of age. He won £600,000. He chose to part with practically the entirety of his fortune to loved ones.

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