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Sad Story of Three Orphans Seeking Help After Being Kicked Out of Their Father's Properties [Video]

Here is a sad story of three orphans who have been allegedly robbed of their father's properties by their aunt, making it hard for them to meet their basic needs. The story is derived from an interview of the said three as shared by an online TV Channel.

"I have a child but no husband. This is where I was born, in a family of three children. After the death of my mother, our aunt lied that our dad was mistreating us, and we were taken to an orphanage," The first born girl(all names withheld for security reasons) began narrating their ordeal.

The first born lady narrating how they have been robbed their father's properties(Photo courtesy of Channel 7 News TV EA)

"We came back from the orphanage following our dad's death and after the burial, our aunt squandered all the properties that dad owned, and kicked us out of our dad's rentals," she posed.

"My father had a share in these rentals(standing at the gate) which him together with my aunt inherited from my grandmother. But now,the aunt claims that being girls,we don't have the rights to inherit our father's properties," she continued narrating the sad story.

The saddest part is that even the government authorities have refused to help them;

"We have gone to the area chief who sent us away, claiming he doesn't want to listen to any of our stories,"she claimed.

The last born revealed that their father was a drunkard and their aunt may be taking advantage of that. She also revealed that the aunt owns fake papers to the said properties including the land.

The last born lady narrating their sad ordeal(Photo courtesy of Channel 7 TV EA)

"Our father was always drank, never to be found with even a coin at any time and that is why she lied that he was mistreating us,forcing us to the orphanage," she posed.

"Their was a time we asked her for the papers because she claims all the properties were left for her, and we realised all the papers were fake. How can you own fake papers if the properties are truly yours,"the lady asked in disbelief.

The three orphans are thus asking for any help from well wishers in order to regain even a share of their father's properties, suggesting that just two rooms for each of them will help meet their daily basic needs. Kindly share with friends.

Click the link below to watch the video of the three giving their story as shared by Channel 7 News TV EA;

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