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Matiang'i New Ol Moran Order Receives a Backlash as Conflict Intensify

The war against Banditry and intercommunal conflict if far from being won. With the recent attacks and destruction of property. CS Matiang'i has moved with speed to try and solve the situation which has started to turn ugly once more.

Matiang'i has ordered for immediate vacation of non locals from the region where a police operation is currently ongoing. A day after the order, news of new attacks have emerged where two people have been killed in a night attack. Several cattle have also been stolen raising more suspicion among the people. Sources from the region show that a tensed atmosphere is currently getting witnessed with people regrouping in small groups to forge on the way forward.

Among the ways they plan to act is working on a startegy to retaliate on any attack towards their people and property and in a scenario where police are not available. More and more people are ready to defend their property as hundreds cry of Matiang'is order not being well researched. According to them, though non locals, they bought land in the region and have no other place to go.

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