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Good News After CS Mutahi Kagwe Clears the Confusion on The Time Bars Should Close and Night Travels

The Cabinet Secretary in charge of the Ministry of Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has directed that all bars will be closed at 11pm or the time that has been stipulated by the licence

According to him, the hand washing areas must be provided otherwise those who will not provide the same should not be allowed to operate by law enforcers.

He has also directed that those who operate bars should ensure that they the social distancing law is observed at all times by those in those facilities.

Those who will not ensure that the COVID-19 protocols have been observed will be denied the licences to operate as well as face the law for flouting the COVID-19 protocols.

He has also noted that the government will issue the way forward as they come up with the way forward for those who want to travel at night.

Until today, bars and nightclubs nationwide have been operating from 5pm to 7pm daily in compliance with Covid-19 containment measures.

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