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Kakamega People Wake up Today and Find Coffin Wrapped in White cloth With Three Crosses at the door

One family in Kakamega woke up today and they were shocked to find a coffin with three crosses which was tied with a white clothes at the door step of their new building.

The residents were curious to know what was inside the coffin and when they opened it, they discovered unknown substance including sand.

Some of them suggested may be it was a witchcraft incidents.

Tuko news posted the story on their Facebook page which left member of public crushed on the comments section and left hilarious comments.

"This country there are people who specialized in trying to make other people's lives to be miserable. May such missions backfire to them threefold in Jeus name," Raulu Bani said.

"Kakamega is Scarry, starting from their Governer face himself," Almatadoh Db suggested.

"My friend before you date any Lugha ask them which subtribe they come from, if they tell you Nyala or Bukusu run away," Bwari Favor wrote.

Content created and supplied by: Mary-Muguro (via Opera News )

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