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Witchdoctor and Wife Arrested in Kitui After Raiding bar to ask for Payment

Photo for illustrations(source. facebook)

A bar owner in Kyamatu area, Kitu east sub county of Kitui county was forced to call the police after a witch doctor invaded his bar.

The witch doctor had come to ask for his money amounting to sh.27,000 from the bar owner.

Apparently, the bar owner sought services from the witch doctor and refused to pay him.

After some time passed the witch doctor and his wife decided to raid the bar to ask for their due.

When the bar owner refused to pay they decided to go on a drinking spree.

But not before the witch doctor's wife took the role of the cashier at the bar.

They drunk alcohol and even treated other customers to free booze.

The infuriated bar owner could not stomach the happenings and resort to calling the police.

The officers from Kyamatu police station arrived after some minutes and took away the witch doctor and his wife away.

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Kitu Kitui Kyamatu


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