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"Do You Know Her?" Search For Family Of An Old Woman Stranded In Kiambu

Photo of an old woman whose home has not been known, yet she is stranded in Kiambu county has been shared on Facebook.

According to information shared on Facebook, the old woman spent the night between Rukubi and Kingeero located in Kiambu county. She does not remember much. She even does not know where she comes from. She says her home us the place she didn't her night at.

The public has been called upon to help trace the kin of the old grandmother.

Screenshot of a post on Facebook

If you might have any relevant information or any leading update that can help reach the family of the old woman, kindly inform them to use any means possible and reach the old woman.

Share this article to help reach the family of the old woman so that they pick her from the road and reunite with her at home. Thank you in advance.

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