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'They Are Doing Well '-Another Man Who Has Been Rescued From The Mine Reveals Others Are Still Alive

Photo Courtesy. Images were taken from previous incidents.

The Families of the miners who have been trapped in the mine in the past few days have a reason to smile after another miner was rescued from the collapsed shafts and revealed how the others are faring on. 

The group were on Thursday after the walls of the mine caved in and buried them alive. There were eight men with rescuers managing to rescue 2 of them. 

According to one of the survivors, they were almost getting out when suddenly the entrance was blocked by debris from the collapsed walls. He revealed that the others were hiding in the tunnels and were still alive. 

He is hopeful that his colleagues will be rescued. Despite his survival, he lost his son who they were working together in the mine. According to Mr. Onyango, he watched his son die despite his efforts trying to save him. The body has been collected for burial. 

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