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How Villagers Visiting Nairobi for the First Time Get Robbed within the CBD

New people in Nairobi probably don't have information on crime red flags, this makes them vulnerable to various criminal acts. Here are five ways new visitors in Nairobi get robbed.

The first one is being given wrong directions, especially those leading to crime hotspots. One mistake fist time visitors in Nairobi make is making inquiries from anyone they meet around. It is advisable that if you are not sure of where your are headed to from the CBD, stay where you've alighted until someone comes to get you. If you must ask for directions, please ask either a security officer or a police man.

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The second is, through pick pocketing. In most cases, first timers in Nairobi concentrate more on where they are headed to than what they are carrying with them. When making their way through crowds, criminals will trail them and try to open up their bags, especially backpacks or even pick pocket them. Whenever you are expecting a fist time visitor in Nairobi, please advice them to always be very careful when making their way through crowds.

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Thirdly is through promotions and Gambles. Most first timers would be tempted to join street promotions and gambling while awaiting to be picked or to figure out their next move from the Central Business District (CBD). This is where most of them lose almost everything on their first day in town. Be warned, if you are new in Nairobi, never join street promotions and Gambles. Thank me later.

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The last one and the most notorious one is the Bebabeba/mikokoteni guys escaping with their luggages. I've in more than one occasion met someone crying of being robbed of their luggages by the person they'd hired to help them carry the luggages. That's why it is usually advisable that when getting someone to help you carry your bags, go to a station where there are many of them, then make sure they are Known by their colleagues before giving them the job.

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