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From panties Now To ARVs The New Revelation On Illicit Brews

The illicit brews in the country has been a major problem concerning moral upbringing of the youths. This is because many tend to drink the liquor which is very addictive. In long run, they end up being not responsible citizens.

In this regard, it has been discovered that, ARVs are also added in this illicit brews during brewing. This comes after police seized a popular joint mix in Isiolo, it shocked the residents as they learnt that the liquor had the HIV related drugs. back, the said brew was reported to be made using panties during brewing process. But what is amazing is that, despite these reports, this local brew continue to attract many people who consume it. With even police destroying it by pouring it down, the brewers have never ceased to make another one.

Therefore, the government should understand that those manufacturing local brew is due to economical reasons and give them alternative source of income, as well creating jobs for youths.

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