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Kenyans Make Analysis On Jeff's Murder Case After Dj Fatxo Speaks With The Media

Lawrence Njuguna Alias Dj fatxo has today given his side of the story in relation to the death of a 23-year-old jeff,who died last month allegedly after sustaining a sever fall from the tenth floor of Fatxo's apartment.

In his attempt to clear his name on any involvement with the death of jeff,he lefts to many gaps in his speech and more reasons for people to doubt him.

Kenyans have however analyzed his speech and came out with reasonable theories.His interview has been posted in a page by the name"Mwago wa Mugikuyu" ,and a number of comments have questioned his quick reaction to calling the police immediately after finding out Jeff was missing.

Come to think of it,when you can't find someone you don't rush to call police,until it is certain they are missing after a few calls here and there from relatives and friends.

The second thing people noticed was how tense Fatxo was through out the interview.Many think that this was the greatest mistake of his life, having agreed to have a press conference.

Thirdly,it was noted the stories he gave to the DCI and the press weren't matching at all. According to the statement he gave,he found people looking at the scene of crime while he went back to his apartment. But with the press,he said that he first went back to his apartment then realized Jeff was missing.

With all this gaps and lack of consistent in his side the story, Kenyans are not convinced of his innocence on the murder of Jeff.

What are your thoughts about Dj Fatxo's statement? please share with me down below.

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