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Why Water In Lake Elementaita Is Turning Pink

From a distance, it will appear to be a large crowd of water and brown patches that illuminate the tips. In short, it is a reddish-red crowd of other marvels of the water-changing sound of Lake Elementaita.

The shade variation is a turning point riddle, however, it remains a common wonder in the base lakes within the Rift Valley. It is usually common during certain seasons for the milk to turn the shade from a lighter and lighter tone and occasionally become reddish-brown.

As shown by the locals, wonders have previously been possible in Lake Solai and Bogoria. Lake Magadi, in turn, has a rose-colored hut, revealing the salt shade mined in Lake Magadi.

"At some point, Lake Bogoria turned red. Lake Solai also changed its tone sooner or later before the water level in the Rift. The basin lakes increased.

From time to time, the lakes reduce the strong odor," Johana Karatu a resident from Lake Bogoria said. The wonders of Lake Elementaita have been discovered for about six weeks. Geologist Dr Sila Simiyu said the case was not unique to Rift Valley lakes.

Color variation, he said, is influenced by changes in pH levels and the concentration of salts within the primary milk. During the hot season, the search speed is high, bringing a large concentration of salt into the soluble milk. Break antacid milk, he says, has no stores.

Shading adjustment comes because of the reaction between a large group of salts and disintegration materials. He adds that the plants were cleared in the lake after heavy rains mixed with salt in response.

"These cases are also selected for Rift Valley lakes based on volcanic practices. Minerals in the rocks below the antacid Valley lakes contain salts whose fixations are large compared to different lakes outside the Rift Valley.

In Lake Magadi, wonders Lake Magadi is one of the world's most famous lakes with a supermarket known as Trona.The trona is treated in pop bicarbonate, commonly known as the heating of the pop.

Normally, when it rains, more water enters the lakes, weakening them. Research is also reduced and the water becomes clearer. In any case, if the season is dry, the level of salt in the soluble milk it rises and the lake will continue to change its tone from clear to reddish-brown to reddish-brown.

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