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Heartbreaking as Lady Performs Mouth to Mouth For Husband in Search For Oxygen in India

All is not well in India.The Covid 19 cases being reported are overwhelming.Many are dying of this deadly virus.Viral photos being shared online are heartbreaking.The latest viral photo shared online is saddening.In the photo,a lady is seen performing a mouth to mouth for her husband.This is usually done as a first aid for people in urgent need of oxygen.Take a look a this photo below:

On my yesterday article.I highlighted how patients are suffering.It is so sad to see that the free air we breath daily is now being purchased.Many patients in India are in need of oxygen.Family and Friends are trying their best in order to save lives of their loved ones.And for those lacking the monetary power to Procure Oxygen.They are forced to use desperate measures in order to save lives.

According to latest reports.Many hospitals have run out of this essential commodity.

However, nations have responded positively to the pleas of Indians.Australia has backed up the situation.It has donated the needed ventilators to aid in the fight against covid-19.Indeed, India is a health crisis.May the Almighty God heal them.

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