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"Police Officers Made Me Strip Naked & Beat My Manhood" Japheth Mutinda Now Claims In Hospital

President Kenyatta has lifted the curfew after along cry from the members of the public.This has seen some Kenyans who are victims of alcohol resorted to drinking.However,the ministry of health has clarified that all the bars will be closed by 11pm

Even before much adjustments are done,some Kenyans have already fallen victims of such.Joseph Mutinda never knew that the lifting of curfew would land him in Mwingi level IV hospital.The 22 year old man had just left a pub when he was caught up by his woes.

The man took bodaboda where they agreed with the operator that he would pay Ksh 50.However,after reaching midway of his journey,the bodaboda operator demanded for more cash due to distance.Due to this,they engaged in a quarrel,prompting the bodaboda man to report him to police station.

This saw the man get arrested after the involvement of the local chief.It is in the police station that Mutinda cries that he was properly tortured.He claims that the OCS participated in beating him after he was stripped naked by the police officers.He is currently recuperating in the hospital as calls for IPOA to take action.

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