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Always Take These 6 Precautions When Visiting New Bars and Restaurants to Avoid Being Drugged

There have been several cases of men being drugged in clubs and bars over the past few weeks. These cases have majorly resulted from negligence and lack of vigilance on the side of most victims. I understand at times it becomes difficult to put safety in mind when drinking and partying. But in spite of that, it is usually very important to take certain simple precautionary measures before getting deeper into the celebratory drink. Below are some very important precautionary measures that you should always take when in any bar or club to avoid being drugged.

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1.Avoid showing off

The first things that attract "mchele gang" to your table are usually your possessions. Whenever you visit any bar or club, try not to show off whatever pricy or valuable thing that you own. Try to avoid expensive drinks, unless you are with your friends. Put your phone and car keys in your pocket throughout the drink spree. Dont use them to attract malicious men and women to your company by displaying them on your hand or table.

2.Always Keep your drink in your hand

Whenever you visit a new bar or club, always remember to keep your glass or bottle in your hand throughout, even when dancing around. Leaving your bottle or glass of drink on the table for just a second increases your chances of being drugged. If you happen to leave an empty glass on the table and you feel like you need an additional tot, please request for a new clean glass. Because the one you left at the table could have been drugged already. If by any chance you forget and leave your drink on the table, dont go back to it, unless the table only has your friends.

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3.Trust Your Instincts

Never betray your instincts about strangers, trust your instincts to the fullest. Whenever someone approaches you, especially a stranger and begins a conversation, your instincts will always disturb you if the stranger has malicious intentions. Don't give them strangers a chance to manipulate your mind.

4.Avoid people who are too friendly

This is also a work of instincts. Whenever a stranger approaches you in a club or bar and begins acting too friendly, ask yourself why before being friendly in return to them. This friendliness is what will make you trust them to an extent of sharing drinks with them. And believe me not, alcohol usually has a way of making strangers friends almost immediately. I think these "mchele gang" know this and they take full advantage of their knowledge of it.

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5.Dont Share Drinks with Strangers

Especially when they offer you drinks. You can give them a tot of yours only if they ask for it, but never accept their offer, unless it is taken directly from the counter under your watch. Also font share bottles and glassed with strangers. Dont even accept being given a sip of a drink by a strangers from their glasses or bottles. Also don't allow them to get a glass for you, find yourself one from the counter. You may regret later when you find yourself with empty pockets in the middle of nowhere.Photo: Never leave your glass or bottle behind even when dancing

6.Don't drink too much

The last but not least precaution is to try not to over drink. Obviously when overdrunk you'll have a difficult time making sound decisions. Criminals will take advantage of your situation and even rob your without drugging you. Just try not to drink too much when you visit new bars and clubs.

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