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Good News to All Kenyans As News Details About Wheat Flour After Christmas Emerges

In the country, there are several Kenyans who are struggling to buy basic needs, including foods and clothes. Further, most Kenyans have been forced to pay more for the prices of maize flour, cooking oil, and wheat flour since January this year. Further, former president Uhuru Kenyatta had informed all Kenyans that the high cost of living was caused by Russia after it invaded Ukraine.

According to the source, new details have just emerged about what As per the latest report shared by a well-known source this hour, it has finally been confirmed that the country has received 53,300 metric tons of wheat from Ukraine. Further, it has been revealed that this is the second ship that has arrived in the port of Mombasa since the Russian troops invaded Ukraine. Further, the government of Kenya has been working extra hard to import more wheat and even maize to fight food shortages and the high cost of essential commodities.

The importation of wheat from Ukraine might reduce the price of wheat flour ahead of Christmas.

This just came in after several Kenyans have been buying 2 kg of wheat for Ksh 200. Let us hope that the government will reduce the prices.


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