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Motorists Arrested With Fake Unregistered Number Plates As NTSA Intensify Crackdown Will Be Jailed

Police have today impounded several cars with fake number plates along Langata road close to a hundred vehicles nubbed in the operation today.The new generation plates adopted by motorist in the county was never rolled out except for county vehicles government has warned public from using any form of modified plates.It has been disclosed that Unwarranted plates are used by criminals and cartels to avoid being arrested by police as the plates are easily changed.

Any motorist found with the plates will be dealt with according to the law as police shall not relent in their crackdown to arrest those that will not comply.This move by police discourages tax evader as the law is slowly catching up with them NTSA will continue the crackdown as this is just the beginning.

Don't get caught unaware you may end up in jail for breaking traffic laws the government has notified anyone with such numberplates to remove them.

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