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Man beaten in Kakamega for ignoring a short call warning

A warning is something said or written to tell people of a possible danger, problem, or other unpleasant thing that might happen. Most people ignore warnings and they end up in a hot spot. Warning mostly helps to save peoples lives or health and when its ignored someone is going to be hurt.

Jared otieno was infuriated after a man took a leak at a public place ignoring a warning that was written 'Kojoa hapa uone' the warning was inscribed on a wall. The Directorate of Criminal Investivation said that the victim was yet to finish his short call when Otieno emerged and rained blows on his face.

Otieno heavy kicks and blows totally injured the victim leaving him with serious injuries and with a black eyed face. Curious people tried to calm Otieno down, but they failed forcing them to call the police from the Kakamega Police station. They arrested Otieno for taking law in his own hands and brutally beating a twenty four year old.

The police in Kakamega arrested him for brutally beating the twenty four years old man for taking a short call at a public place which was no go zone for a short call.

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