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Avoid These Foods They are Delicious But Very Harmful To Your Body.

Food is good and we love it so much because we can't do without food. It's good for our healthy like food can help prevent you from certain diseases and helps in growth of the body cells and the body itself. But there are some foods we do eat frequently but we are not aware how harmful they can be to our overal body healthy.

These foods are available and they are very delicious but very harmful.

Mushrooms are fungi and are loved by many and there are many varieties of mushrooms to chose but If you don't know the best to chose and eat then you should leave them alone because it can even cause death .

Cashew nuts are seeds not nuts. It's shell is deadly,it has a coating of anacardic acid which can burn your skin if mishandled and can give you a bad stomach upsets if eaten with people with allergies. Avoid them if you suspect to have allergies.

The Kidney Beans contains high level of phytohemagglutinin making them toxic for human consumption . If eaten undercooked it can cause diarrhoea, vomiting and nausea or may even cause stomach upset.

Irish Potatoes are good but don't eat them when they have turned green. They contain a poison called solanine which can cause serious problems if eaten in large amount.

Peanuts when eaten with people with allergies they can cause allergies. If you have any allergy of protein oil then keep off those peanuts because they might cause problems.

Cassava are Nutrious and good for the body and there are a variety of them. If not chosen well they might cause problems more so when eaten raw. Raw cassava has cyanide when not cooked well to remove the cyanide can even cause death or serious problems. So avoid eating raw cassava.

Most of this foods are around so please avoid them. Follow for more information.

Content created and supplied by: Carolkerry (via Opera News )

Irish Potatoes Kidney Beans


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